We propose to keep your jet ski for the week, month, season or year, we don’t propose parking less than 5 days and no jet Launching for the day.

We offer a comfortable solution that allows you avoid the difficulties of jet launching. You can use your jet at your convenience on our jet base respecting a charter of good conduct.
From May to September, the VNM in parking are monitored by a guard 24/7, they are also bound and put under alarm. From October to April the VNM are in a closed area and under alarm with a guard who patrols the port.

With the parking of VNM, the owner has a boat launch by us, the right to use the shower, running water and flushing hose.

- Package A * Annual parking with launching at will from May to September and the dry dock the rest of the year: 2500 € TTC
- Package B * summer season with launching at will (May to September): 2000 € TTC
- Package C * May, June and September € 300 TTC / month
- Package D * July € 500 TTC / month
- Package E * August 600 € VAT / month