120 euros TTC per ½ hour

You dream to fly or swim like a dolphin?

Come try the latest nautical novelty concept ! You can play like superhero with a Flyboard, a device which helps to propel yourself both in the air and underwater.

Harnessed to equipment worthy of a superhero, extreme thrills at the helm of this unique water jet-pack.

Extremely intuitive, it will take about 2 to 20 minutes with a monitor to break away from the ocean. After ensues hours and hours of pure happiness, thrills through Flyboard!

Flyboard is a water craft Hydropulse connected by a hose to a jet ski which (thanks to its turbine) will provide water for your propulsion.

This equipment allows you to reach 5-6 meters high. The system does not cover the back and feet but also has two additional stabilizers in hands to help you balance yourself and control your trajectory.